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Unix is a portable, multitasking, multiuser, time-sharing operating system (OS) originally developed in 1969 by a group of employees at AT&T.Unix operating systems are widely used in PCs, servers and mobile devices. The Unix environment was also an essential element in the development of the Internet and networking.

UNIX Training Syllabus


Basics of computer applications

Unix Course Introductions


Course Summary

Unix Commands :
Processing & Listing

Processes and Directories

Displaying Processes – ps

Displaying Directories – ls

Getting Help – man

Simple Commands used for processing

Using Wildcards

File Creation and Displaying

Creating files – using > symbol

Redirection – using >> symbol

Redirecting Input – using < symbol

Displaying Files – cat, more

Piping – using | symbol

Word Count

Sorting a file

Removing duplicates


Using Head and Tail command in files

Files Handling

Creating directory

Moving files to directories

Copying files to directories

Changing directory

Removing files and directories

Special Files – . and ..

Creating Aliases

Using Aliases

Cut and Paste

Displaying selected characters – using cut

Displaying selected fields – using delimiters

Displaying selected files – using paste

Using paste with delimiters


Displaying content of the file using GREP

Displaying content of the file using EGREP

EGREP Meta-character

Back Referencing concepts


Zipping a file

Unzipping a file

Combining a set of files using TAR

Extracting TAR file

Using TAR with ZIP

FIND command

Searching for a file – using find

Finding List of files and directories

Finding Last modified files

Find with -exec

Find with -xargs

Handling Jobs

Using /dev/null

Foreground Jobs

Background Jobs – &

Stopping Jobs – kill

Changing Permissions – chmod