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.NET framework has the various set of libraries. These libraries will support various languages such as VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET etc. These libraries are the pillars for the .NET ® framework. Architects of .NET framework have faced so many problems while coding in the C, C++ environment. They give the correct solutions for these problems by giving numerous and extensive features in .NET framework.

Dot Net Training Syllabus

C# . NET

Introduction to C# Programming

What is C#?

Does C# Replace Java?

Simple Program: Printing a Line of Text

Memory Concepts

Variables and Data types

Initialization of Variables

Variable Scope


Value Types and Reference Types

CTS Types

Operators And Statements
Arrays and Strings
Object Oriented Programming

Objects and Classes

Methods and Properties

Constructors and Destructors

Exception Handling
Building Windows Based Applications
Accessing Data with ADO.NET, Crystal Reports


Overview of ASP.NET

Introduction to ASP.NET

Configuring ASP.NET Applications

ASP.NET Frameworks

Code Behind

Page Directives

Page Events controls

Basic Web Server Controls

Label control

Textbox control

Button control

Check box control

Hyper link control

Data List Web Server Controls
Other Web Server Controls
Performing Data Access
State Management, Web Services