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OpenStack® is a cloud framework written in Python that is used to build a cloud platform similar to the popular cloud platforms like Amazon, Rackspace, etc. OpenStack was founded by Rackspace and NASA and later joined by several big companies, all contributing to the project. OpenStack® makes it easy to run distributed computing jobs and create virtual resources.

Openstack Training Syllabus


Introduction to Linux

Linux admin commands

Introduction to Cloud Comparison with Amazon AWS and RackSpace cloud

Other Cloud frameworks

Introduction to OpenStack and its components

Virtualization techniques

Compute (Nova)

What is nova

Supported hypervisors

Xen, LXC, KVM, Qemu, VMWare

Architecture & features

Control Flow

Building a Platform as a Service using Docker/LXC?

OpenStack image service (Glance)

What is Glance

Supported image formats

Creating, uploading and using an image

Architecture & features

Control flow

Software defined storage (Cinder)

What is Cinder

Block Storage properties

Architecture & features

Control flow

Software defined storage (Swift)

What is Swift

Object storage properties

Object security, permissions and metadata

Architecture & components


Control flow

Building a Content Delivery Network

Software defined networking (Neutron)

What is Neutron

Architecture & features

Control flow

Creating VPN

Open vSwitch

Cloud Security

Cloud security groups

Instance access (SSH Keys)

Virtual private clouds


Identity & Access Management (Keystone)


Users, Roles, Groups, Domains, Projects

OpenStack dashboard (Horizon)

What is Horizon

Architecture & features

Control flow

Additional components of an OpenStack system

Message serverRabbitMQ and Qpid

Databases Mysql and sqlite