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Mobile Application Testing Training

Mobile Application Testing is a process of testing application on a mobile device in different Operating systems, wide variety of Networks, Variety of Mobile devices, Emulators & Simulators and in variety of internet connections to execute functionality, usability and consistency of User Interface as per the requirements.

Mobile Application Testing Training Syllabus

Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

Overview of Mobile World

Market size and figures

Players in the Mobile Space

Target audiences and customers

Business Model in Mobile Space

Overview of Mobile Devices

Different types of Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Architecture

Client-side architecture

Server-side architecture

Connection Types

Development Platforms for Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Test Types

Challenges of mobile application testing

Testing in Mobile Space

Emulators & Simulators

Differences in Mobile & Conventional Application Testing

Mobile Testing Types

Testing for the devices

Testing for the connectivity

Testing applications on different platforms

Mobile specific testing

Testing different types of mobile applications

Common test types applied to mobile testing

Field testing

Mobile Application Testing Process & Techniques

Mobile test Process and Strategy

Test Process

Test Levels

Agile and Mobile Application Development

Test Coverage

Test Design Techniques Used for Mobile Testing

Equivalence Class Partitioning

Boundary Value Analysis

Decision Table

State Transition Testing