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Google Analytics is a freemium web examination advantage offered by Google that tracks and reports site page activity. Google prompted the association in November 2005 following to tying down Urchin. Google Analytics is before long the most broadly utilized web examination advantage on the Internet. Google Analytics is a thing that is connected with your site through a bit of the following code. This is a touch of Javascript code that is made inside your examination account, similar to the case underneath. The record holder makes this code and after that spots it into the HTML back end of their site.

Google Analytics Training Syllabus

Introduction to Google Analytics

What Is Web Analytics?

Where is Web Analytics Used?

Google Analytics Premium & Standard Comparison
Setup Google Analytics

For website tracking

For mobile app tracking

Linking other Google products like Adwords etc with google analytics
Schedule Email Reports
Google analytics Key Term Metric
Dashboard Widgets
Intelligence Events
Audience Reports
Demographics Reports
Geo Report
Behavior Report
Engagement Report
Real Time Report
Benchmarking Report
Users Flow Report
E-commerce Report
Adwords Report
Social Report
Search Console Report