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Embedded Systems is an advanced technology with the combination of software and hardware.Which used in various domains like Telecom, Mobile technology, Industrial, medical, Automation,Automotive systems, Home Automation, Airplanes, Military, Vending machines and Toys etc. Using Embedded Systems, various system can be developed like Smartphone, Pedometers, Infusion pumps,Infotainment system, Electronic gadgets, TV, Fridge, AC etc. Embedded Systems has various opportunities like Product Designing, Product Development, Software, Hardware, PCB designer,Firmware, RTOS development, Testing so and so.

HTML Training Syllabus

Embedded Basics
8051/PIC /Beegle Bone Black8/16/32 Bit Controller

Introduction to ( 8/16/32) 8051 and Pic Micro Controller

Introduction to Embedded C

MPLAB IDE with CCS and Hi-tech compiler suit

Embedded Application Development

Working with Communication protocols SPI, I2C and CAN with PIC16F877A

Project development using PIC 16F877A/At89C51

Linux kernel

Introduction to the Linux kernel

Linux kernel sources

Linux kernel command usage

Files and process subsystem in linux kernel

Memory management in linux kernel

Inter Process Communication


Time and Timers

Creating Libraries

Advance C Programming

Storage class

Scope and Lifetime of a variable





Structure and Union

Embedded Linux system development

Introduction to embedded Linux

Target & Host Setup

Booting Linux